Major Sponsorship Boost!
Major Sponsorship Boost!
Dudley Heathens are celebrating a major sponsorship boost, the club have joined forces with Recycled Aggregate Services of Oldbury.

David Burns, owner of Recycled Aggregate Services said "I am delighted to be working with Dudley Heathens. I hope that it benefits the company by raising our profile in the area and also by changing people's perceptions of recycled aggregate materials, but above all I am a life long fan. I want to see the club doing well and if I can play a part in that and also help them obtian a track of their own then that would be great. I wish them good luck for 2012 and hope they have a successful season.

I was a keen motorcyclist in my younger days and I already back Wolves star Ricky Wells. Ricky is a good lad who is making good progress but the Heathens project has grabbed my imagination. On the odd occasion of a spare Saturday night when I was younger I would go to Cradley."

Heathens chairman Nigel Pearson said "Dudley Heathens are delighted to announce a new commercial partnership with Oldbury business Recycled Aggregate Services.

Heathens boss Will Pottinger said "I would like to officially welcome Recycled Aggregate Services on board as our team sponsor. We have had a new set of race jackets made up with their logo on and we will also be carrying programme advertising, tannoy mentions and it also represents a great opportunity for them to entertain guests at what is a great night out."

The team will now carry the Recycled Aggregate Services logo on their race jacket and the company, who take pride in changing the perception of recycled aggregates, are now the main team sponsors.

It's another massive boost for the table-topping National League side who were born from the ashes of the old Cradley Heathens in 2010 and race home matches at Wolverhampton's Monmore Green track.

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