We Sponsor Ricky Wells, Speedway Racing
We Sponsor Ricky Wells, Speedway Racing
We are pleased to announce that we now sponsor Ricky Wells, Speedway Racer of Wolverhampton

Ricky was born on 27th July 1991 in Auckland, New Zealand.

British Career:

2009 - Coventry

2010 - Stoke

2011 - Wolves & Plymouth

2012 - Wolves & Sheffield

Major Honours:

2007 - USA under 21 Champion

2008 - AMA American Champion

2009 - California State Champion

Club Honour:

2011 - Elite Shield Winner at Wolves

Ricky has worked hard and shown true commitment to become the Speedway rider he is today, having several American Championships under his belt. He has been recognised by Speedway Teams here in England as being an up and coming Speedway star.

He proved to Wolves in only one season that he should be given a place as a double-up rider in 2012.

He turned down approaches from several Premier League clubs to join Sheffield.

In 2012 he raced for Team USA in Poland and proved he was a worthy contender.

As his career grows so does his confidence and things can only get better for him, we at Recycled Aggregate Services admire his success and his true determination and feel very proud to sponsor him!

We Sponsor Ricky Wells, Speedway RacingWe Sponsor Ricky Wells, Speedway Racing

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